He did his homework

Was he not doing <i>his</i> <i>homework</i>his homework." />

Was he not doing his homework" vs " Wasn't he doing his homework. wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Ideally, you will always be ready for class and have your homework completed. Is asking whether "he" was slacking off, ignoring his responsibility to do his homework. When spoken, the "not" would be emphasized.

Which one is correct, 'He does home work', or 'He do <i>homework</i>.

Which one is correct, 'He does home work', or 'He do homework. To create this article, 243 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way and you aren’t prepared. He does his homework” is correct, for simple present tense meaning, he does. Is it correct to say, “I would be grateful if someone from the team could pick me.

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He _____ <i>his</i> <i>homework</i> yet WordReference Forums

He _____ his homework yet WordReference Forums If you take your dog to the vet, you could even get a note from them stating that the dog was seen for eating paper. He _____ his homework yet. hasn't finished didn't finishI would like to know why option no. 2 is wrong Thank you.

What is the difference between his homework." />

What is the difference between "he is done his homework. William Morris was an English artist, poet and politician. Past tense = He has done his homework Present tense = he is doing his homework. Hope this helps !You can also say, "he is done with his.

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He <b>did</b> <b>his</b> <b>homework</b> in Spanish English to Spanish.

He did his homework in Spanish English to Spanish. The done my homework construction involves a form of the word be, followed by the participle finished or done (or, for some speakers, started), followed by a noun phrase. The done my homework construction is a widespread characteristic of Canadian English, and it is also found in the United States among speakers in the Philadelphia area, southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and the northern part of New England (Yerastov 2008, 2010a, 2010b, 2012, 2016; Hinnell 2012; Fruehwald and Myler 2013, 2015; Zanuttini et al. It has not been found in the dialects of the United Kingdom or elsewhere outside of North America. Translate He did his homework. See 2 authoritative translations of He did his homework in Spanish with audio pronunciations.

Difference between

Difference between "have done" and "had done" - English Language. (1) and (2) show two examples of this construction: 3) a. The syntax of this construction has recently been studied in some detail by Fruehwald and Myler (2013, 2015). The done my homework construction may seem to resemble a sentence like I have done my homework. Had done" is always used in a multi-phrase construction "I had done my homework, so I went to visit a friend." or "If he had done his homework, he could have.

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