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Osteoarthritis AyurVAID Medical Case Study CASE STUDY 4: Osteoarthritis INITIAL HISTORY: Ø 80 year old female complains of long-standing history of pain in bilateral hips, knees, and hands Ø Difficulty walking and getting up from sitting or kneeling position due to discomfort and “stiffness” Ø Reports low back pain for several years Ø Only history of fracture of right arm as a child at approximately age 9 Question 1: What other questions about her symptoms would you like to ask this patient? AyurVAID Protocol. Medical Case Studies. Refer a Patient. Careers. Osteoarthritis. Brief Medical History. Presenting Complaints.

PRIME® Continuing Medical Education Pharmacist Case Studies ADDITIONAL HISTORY States on rare occasions takes aspirin 325 mg for pain once or twice per week Question 2: What questions would you like to ask to ask her about her medical history? Case Study of Inhaled Therapy for a CF Patient -- The Physician and Pharmacist Non-pharmacological approaches are important in the management of osteoarthritis. Obesity is the.

PDF Case Study MEDICAL HISTORY: Ø Surgical history: Cholecystectomy Ø Medical history: Has given birth to 9 healthy children from 9 pregnancies Ø Seasonal affective disorderr Ø She denies history of cardiac, renal, endocrine, gastrointestinal, or lung disease Ø Denies ever being diagnosed with arthritis or osteoporosis Ø Reports her mother suffered from aching joints and was “bent over” due to severe scoliosis Ø Currently taking no medications or supplements Ø Has never taken hormone replacement therapy Ø Denies any drug allergies Ø States she prefers not to take medications because she is “sensitive”. Case Study. Bilateral Knee. Osteoarthritis. Alison E. Barker, PT PT Works Los Altos, CA. Who 71-year-old active female with posterolat meniscus tear. L knee, B chondromalacia patellae, and B.

Case Studies of Patients Suffered From Osteorthritis 7 Question 3: Are there any important things to ask her about her life-style and social history? Case studies of patients who got successfully treated by Dr. Rajesh Shah at Life Force Homeopathy Case-7 90% recovery achieved in case of Osteoarthritis. He started with knee pain two years ago.

Osteoarthritis Case Study - 1 Ayurvedic Treatment Osteoarthritis LIFE-STYLE AND SOCIAL HISTORY: Ø Patient does not exercise regularly. Dr. Sanjeev Agrawal is an Orthopaedic surgeon based in Mumbai, India. In this video we have our patient from Indore who took our treatment for.

OrthoGuidelines Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee Case Study Has a treadmill that she used to walk of 20 minutes each morning. Introduction Osteoarthritis results from an imbalance between the breakdown and repair of articular cartilage in any joint and occurs as a result of multiple risk factors, including trauma, overuse.

Osteoarthritis case study - Best and Reasonably Priced Writing Aid States that she quit walking on treadmill 6 months ago due to aching and “not any fun” Ø Activity primarily centers on gardening in summer and is very limited in winter months. Healthcentral. Diabetes - find stories about new medical research, md, and up to order celebrex online with osteoarthritis of the hiv epidemic in as 11 days.

Choosing the right medical walker Case Study Osteoarthritis Ø Lives with her husband on a large farm several miles from nearest town; rarely drives Ø Diet is well balanced, except it is high in sugar and sweet foods; poor dairy intake Ø Nonsmoker Ø Drinks one or two mixed drinks per week. Osteoarthritis Case Study. Diagnosis A 65-year-old overweight woman with a five-year history of progressively worsening osteoarthritis. Challenges and Strengths Pain in both knees.

Case study Use of platelet-rich plasma and bone. - Mayo Clinic Question 4: Based on history alone, what is the differential diagnosis of this patient’s musculoskeletal complaints? Ø Hips have decreased ROM with internal/external rotation. In 2014, she presented with osteoarthritis pain that started to affect her left knee and threatened her mobility, and she was searching for treatments that wouldn't interfere with her active lifestyle.

Osteoarthritis of the Knee Patient Case Study Solution PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Ø Alert, oriented, moderately overweight white female in no distress Ø T=37 C orally; HR=76 and regular; RR=14 and unlabored; BP 144/78, right arm (sitting) HEENT, Skin, Neck Ø PERRL, fundi clear without vascular changes Ø Pharynx pink, clear Ø Skin no rashes or ecchmoses Ø Not thyromegaly, adenopathy, or carotid bruits Ø Drinks 4 to 5 caffeinated beverages a day Lungs, cardiac Ø Lungs CTA, percussion Ø Good excursion Ø S¹, S² without murmur, rubs, or gallops Abdomen Ø Abdomen soft, round; no tenderness or organomegaly Ø Hemoccult result is negative Neurologic Ø Cranial nerves II-XII intact, sensory examination normal and symmetric Ø strengths 5/5 in bilateral upper and lower extremities Ø gait slow, stiff Ø cerebral function intact Musculoskeletal Ø Full ROM at shoulders and elbows Ø hands have decreased range of motion; Heberden and Bouchard nodules present in bilateral hand examination Ø Back has decreased flexion and extension, moderate scoliosis. Ø Knees enlarged with decreased flexion/extension and crepitation present bilaterally; right greater than left. Question 5: What are the pertinent positive and negative findings on physical exam? LABORATORY AND RADIOGRAPHIC RESULTS Ø Chemistries including BUN, Cr, phosphate, and calcium normal Ø CBC normal and thyroid function tests are normal Ø Radiograph of right and left knees reveals joint space narrowing, subchondral sclerosis, and bone cysts Ø Radiograph of lumbosacral spine reveals joint space narrowing and osteoophyte formation that is the worst at L3-L4. Case Studies Solutions. Research Papers. Osteoarthritis OA is a non-inflammatory disease primarily affecting the joints, mainly the knees, and which results from the continued loss of articular.

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